Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Potty Proud

As I mentioned before, my husband and I have a cottage on Lake Erie that we bought 3yrs ago, and have been renovating off and on, as we have the time and money. Most recently we renovated the downstairs bath, it is an en suite to our den/ computer room. The Yellow bathroom originally had no door, as it was wheelchair accessible for the prior occupants, we placed in a white accordion door. We refurbished an old oak vanity, painted it white and gave it new hardware. Chris, my husband, built a mirror using mirror tiles from Ikea. New flusher handle, towel rack, and tp holder. Chris built a self above the door, and removed the cupboard door, and made 3/4 length doors. I found lined basket (Walmart) to store towels and toilet paper. Shower curtain- Country Living, KMart. We painted the walls Savanna, from the Rona Paint Collection. I really like green in a bathroom, it's so fresh, and clean. It's a small space so we did our best with storage and limited the acessories, so it wouldn't look over done or cluttered. Someday we liked to remove the tub and replace it with a shower stall, we don't use the downstair shower, we store the kitty box in there for now and it keeps down the mess, 4 cats who don't clean up after themselves!

New to Me

As per request :) here is a photo of my lovely treasures, it's not all of them, the rest is stored and buried in my garage, until it can be painted. I am not sure yet how much I like the rose painting, if I will keep it intact or remove the frame and make a chalk board with it. I love, love the robin's egg blue platter-$1.00, not sure where it's from, there is nothing printed on the bottom, I think it looks very MS Everyday. Cobalt blue ikea bowls 6 for $2.00. I love the baskets-$1.00 each, they will look really pretty in the fall filled with dried Hydrangeas. New outfit, Jeans from the Limited- $5.00, top from Jacob- $2.00. Pretty "wave" pillar stand from Party light- .25, Pansy Platter-$1.00 NO chips :) Ivory and gold trim candy dish- .50, Design Book- .50, Shabby white pillow sham- .25, Billabong patchwork purse, cuz I love my patches and plaid- .50! Kitchen table and 4 chairs $35.00, pitcher and base- $10.00, faux white roses- $2.00, and to think Yard Sale season has just begun!!! Collecting driftwood - $free and I found a message in a bottle too!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Beachy Cushions

What a great treasure hunting weekend! I founds lots of goodies this weekend, robin's egg blue serving platter, 2 wire egg baskets, beachy candle holders, pretty fabric, ikea cobalt blue bowls, Billabong patchwork purse, farmhouse dinning room set, 2 ladderback chairs and two gold framed mirrors- which will soon be white! Here is a picture of some pillow I made with the Vintage Fabric I found ~ Love them!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh my Hoard!

A crazy (not so far fetched) notion crossed my mind this afternoon as I unloaded my Calibee (my Dodge Caliber, nicknamed Calibee) it's little hatch filled to it's brim with Vintage finds and flowers- I am a Hoarder!! If I am unable to pull it together and open my store I will just be another run of the mill Hoarder, 4 cats (Sofia, Buddy, TJ, and Dexter) and all my stuff! Oh lord did panic set in, I am calling about rental spots ASAP! I talked to an employee at my town flower shop about consignment, waiting for a call back, fingers crossed, FYI the shop is for sale, hmmmmmm.... Flower Girl?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rustic Wreath

A Wreath for everything and anything!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Lucky Day

Have you every woke up in the morning just knowing that today's is going to be a good day? I mean like a really great day, you can feel the electricity when you're feet hit the floor. Well a few weeks ago I had one of those days, I just felt really good, and felt my self grinning ear to hear, sitting home alone!
Our local country music radio station was having a concert ticket give-away, tickets for Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw! Since we've already been to a couple of shows this yr we decided it best not to spend more dough on concerts, but I <3 Lady A and hubby loves Tim, so we were crushed! Completely to my surprise good things really do still happen when you grow up, you become caller 5, tell the world (well at lest Windsor) you are so excited you could pee your pants, then you win Southern Voices tix!!! The show was a couple of wks ago,and it really was the best show I'd ever seen! What a great date night it was for us, we were so lucky!! Here's hoping we can all go back to American Honey! Hope you find today is your Lucky Day!

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Girl can always dream.....

ONE DAY! I really hope to make this dream come true, I want to be the owner of an Airsteam! It's an escape on wheels, the nostalgia of a cozy little cocoon, no matter where you park it, once you walk in it could be like walking into another decade, one of my favorites, the 50's! I would decorate my airsteam to reflect the 50's decor, with little ginham curtains. I get so excited thinking of all of the little trips my husband and I could take in our airsteam. As a child we took numerous trips around the US in our camper, the most memorable was spring break in the 80's we drove to Tennessee, Dollywood was closed for the season :( but we made the best of our trip, great family and friends, eating burned wieners, sleeping bags filled with sand, 1000 cal smores, wouldn't of had it any other way! (All pictures are from Country Chic, Country Living, Cima Book 2001) ps. me in a VW Bus!