Monday, May 10, 2010

A Girl can always dream.....

ONE DAY! I really hope to make this dream come true, I want to be the owner of an Airsteam! It's an escape on wheels, the nostalgia of a cozy little cocoon, no matter where you park it, once you walk in it could be like walking into another decade, one of my favorites, the 50's! I would decorate my airsteam to reflect the 50's decor, with little ginham curtains. I get so excited thinking of all of the little trips my husband and I could take in our airsteam. As a child we took numerous trips around the US in our camper, the most memorable was spring break in the 80's we drove to Tennessee, Dollywood was closed for the season :( but we made the best of our trip, great family and friends, eating burned wieners, sleeping bags filled with sand, 1000 cal smores, wouldn't of had it any other way! (All pictures are from Country Chic, Country Living, Cima Book 2001) ps. me in a VW Bus!


  1. Sometimes I wish I lived in an Airstream
    Homemade curtains, lived just like a gypsy
    Break a heart, roll out of town
    ‘Cause gypsies never get tied down. :)

  2. Hello~I just wanted to stop by for a visit and say Hello! I also have a love for airstreams, there is just somethin about them.Very Romatic! Stop over for a visit.~Cheers Kim