Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Lucky Day

Have you every woke up in the morning just knowing that today's is going to be a good day? I mean like a really great day, you can feel the electricity when you're feet hit the floor. Well a few weeks ago I had one of those days, I just felt really good, and felt my self grinning ear to hear, sitting home alone!
Our local country music radio station was having a concert ticket give-away, tickets for Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw! Since we've already been to a couple of shows this yr we decided it best not to spend more dough on concerts, but I <3 Lady A and hubby loves Tim, so we were crushed! Completely to my surprise good things really do still happen when you grow up, you become caller 5, tell the world (well at lest Windsor) you are so excited you could pee your pants, then you win Southern Voices tix!!! The show was a couple of wks ago,and it really was the best show I'd ever seen! What a great date night it was for us, we were so lucky!! Here's hoping we can all go back to American Honey! Hope you find today is your Lucky Day!

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